EXTEND SDC Ostrava, o.s.

Extend Square Dance Club Ostrava, o.s.

is one of the many clubs in the Czech Republic. The club maintains a lively and informal relationships with other regional clubs, which are located in Opava, Větřkovicích, Olomouc, Vsetín and Valašské Meziříčí.

The club was founded in September 1998, a group of enthusiasts around Josef Drbohlav. It currently has more than 30 dancers, who meet weekly to three hours devoted to dance. The club holds an annual three-day Special Square Dance in the "miner's style" - Šachťák, which participates in about 120 dancers from 15 domestic and foreign clubs SD. It is a very popular and current domestic SD movement is one of the most popular dance events.

In 2007 we were honored to organize here in Ostrava 15th CSCTA Convention. Annual convention is the largest Czech-Slovak dance events, within which hold an annual general meeting of members of the Association CSCTA. Ostrava Convention had 411 participants and was to be represented 43 clubs from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria and the USA.

The club is not just a regular dance evenings. Few times a year we organize dance and netaneční weekend event "at home" in Ostrava, even wide area. Dance weekends are especially useful for improving and strengthening our skills. When netaneční events we can not only entertain, but also a closer and better. Favourites are regular weekend trips in the countryside at the beginning and end of the dance season, which are linked to tourism, an essential campfire with the guitar singing, games and competitions, where the fun and enjoyable experiences abound. Unforgettable is a charming holiday bike ride or canoeing waters.

Usually open in the fall preparation course for those interested. Everyone is welcome aged from 15 to 120 years, also self-pairs coming. Important is the desire to learn something new, sociable nature, are unnecessary stronger physical abilities. To look around and not give anything if you decide to stay, then pay only token tuition, much lower than traditional courses, so it could afford as well as students.